Helps your child to be born

About us

Alemona Company is involved in the organization and support of IVF and surrogacy programs for Ukrainian and foreign citizens in Ukraine.

What we do

  • Find surrogate mothers, oocyte donors, organize their thorough medical examination.
  • Select the medical facilities in which fertilization, pregnancy monitoring, and childbirth of the surrogate mother will take place, as well as organize communication with them.
  • Accompany the surrogate mother for 9 months, coordinate her stay in the medical facility, and inform you about the health of the mother and the child.
  • Prepare the necessary legal documents prior to the start of the program, provide full support of the child’s registration, and prepare all necessary documents for the embassy so that the child could leave for the country of permanent residence.

We are a team with expertise in surrogacy programs.

We are concerned professionals who are always in touch with customers, so that you can be at ease about your future baby.

The company managers will explain to you how we will work with you to achieve the result—your baby’s birth.

Services for foreign citizens

For foreign citizens, we offer comprehensive services: surrogacy programs and support of turnkey IVF programs. Each package includes all necessary medical services. You can choose a medical facility in which the medical part of the program will be conducted. We provide registration of legal documents before and after the program.

One of the components is organizational services: the support of an interpreter, a driver, a nanny, organization of accommodation, etc. We do our best to make our customers feel comfortable.

Package «Hope»
Law services in the beginning of program
  • Legal counseling
  • Validation of all necessary paperwork for surrogacy program
  • Drafting and negotiating surrogacy contract (attorney will negotiate surrogacy base compensation, determine added compensations in case of complications, outline basic responsibilities of parties, etc in order to draft the final contract which will cover every possible outcome)
  • Certification of the contract for carrying pregnancy between surrogate mother and intended parents
  • Validation of notarized consent of surrogate mother's husband for surrogacy program
Agency services
  • Search and selection of 2 available surrogate mother candidates
  • Interviewing of each candidate, background and criminal check
  • Full medical and psychological evaluation of surrogate candidates according to the requirements of Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • Expert guidance thought the matching process, providing with additional information related to candidate (in case of need)
  • Arranging of the face-to-face meeting or via Skype, phone with surrogate mother
  • Coordination with staff of fertility clinic to facilitate the screening processes, scheduling clinical evaluation appointments for surrogate mother
  • Providing support of surrogate mother during appointments
  • Following up on appointment outcomes
  • Providing a monthly financial snapshots of your funds related to compensation for surrogate mother
  • Control financial-related matters of each case, and coordinate flow of surrogate expense reimbursements and client invoicing
  • Ongoing coordination and care of surrogate mother (arranging transportation, accommodation on behalf of surrogate mother, accompanying in case of hospitalization etc)
  • Managing extra medication ordering (in case needed)
  • Regular updates of intended parents on health condition of surrogate mother, providing with all necessary medical reports and other paperwork
  • Selection of apartments or hotels for parents according to given criteria
  • Transfer to and from the airport (1 times)
  • DNA test for parenting on the territory of Ukraine
  • Infant set at discharge
Medical services
  • Consultation of a specialist in reproductive medicine
  • IVF using donor oocytes SM + DO program
  • NGS for 4th blastocyst
  • Transfer of embryos (3 attempts)
  • Vitrification and storage of the remaining embryos for 1 year
  • Observation of the surrogate mother's pregnancy
  • Stay of surrogate mother in hospital clinic if necessary (5 days)
  • Panorama Test (NIPT) in case of single-pregnancy
  • Necessary medications associated with supporting pregnancy of surrogate mother
  • Natural delivery (single or twins-pregnancy)
  • Parents analyzes in the case of parents participation in delivery
  • Caesarean section (if there is medical conditions)
  • Stay in a hospital for baby after pre-mature birth if there are medical conditions
  • Visit of pediatrician to the place of living (7 visits)
  • Pediatric help 24/7 (2 visits)
Law services after the childbirth
  • Legal support related to establishing parental rights
  • Obtaining Medical Birth Certificate
  • Child registration in official institutions
  • Obtaining Birth Certificate
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for Embassy to obtain travel permit
Financial remuneration to surrogate mother (Paid to surrogate mother directly)
  • Financial remuneration for 1 month of Embryo Transfer preparation
  • Monthly remuneration for every month of pregnancy
  • Accommodation costs (accommodation in Kiev, starting from the 20th week of pregnancy)
  • Allowance for clothes during pregnancy
  • Compensation for transportation expenses
  • Final remuneration

For more information, please call: +38 067 327 09 19 or write to e-mail: [email protected]